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LGBT and Christian??

YES!! You can be an LGBT individual and be christian. God does not discriminate. View our sources for being queer and loving God.

Nancy Wilson, the new Pope?

Metropolitan Community Churches is the only Christian Denomination to elect a female as Moderator - Nancy Wilson. Check out more about MCC.

Rev. Lew Broyles
A Memorial

Rev. Lew Broyles was a great man and beloved preacher. View our tribute to him.

UCC and the LGBT Community

In 1985, the General Synold of the United Church of Christ accepted a resolution that called on congre-gations to declare themselves open to and affirming of gay, lesbian and bisexual people in the full life and ministry of the church. Read More


Have a story you want to tell?

Email us at info@queerchurch.org and submit an article or story.

Same Gender Marriage vote in Wisconsin

Read a sermon by Deacon Karla about the vote that WI LGBT people lost.

Donate to this site.

We need money to pay for our expenses of running the site. You can either visit our QueerStore or make a donation. All donations are tax deductible.


Jason and deMarco, Gay Christian Artists and Pop Singers

Jason and deMarco are up and coming music superstars. View their site.

Would Jesus Discriminate?

Since so many churches are invoking the name of Jesus to justify their assault on the rights of gay and transgender people, we invite thoughtful people everywhere to ask this simple question: What would Jesus do?


Why Queer?

The word "queer" encompasses all people
who feel "different" from the norm or are often times not accepted or discriminated against.

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