Why Use Inclusive Language II
An Inclusive Church

The richness of Metropolitan Community Church is that we seek to be a
truly inclusive church. We believe that "God so loved the world", and

we try in every way consistently to reflect that believe. Gender exclusive

language, like racist language impoverished us all. If the entire

membership of our churches were male, we would still use inclusive

language for the following reasons:

1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is inclusive. That is truly the heart of the matter.

2. Our feminine side is as divine (God-like) as our masculine side.

3. God historically, theologically, and experientially both masculine
and feminine, and we will not be robbed of knowing the fullness of God.

4. Fencing people out or implying that they are inferior by our words
is sinful and unchristian.

5. It is the policy of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan
Community Churches, and we are a full and faithful part of that


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